Owned by the coven leaders, The Byingtons, Zanzibar Fields was the elite of boarding facilities. Horses costing upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars pranced around but they were nothing compared to the people of Zanzibar Fields. Spoiled brats ruled the grounds and made new comers uncomfortable. They were highly competitive, particularly within their clique. One day their ambitious streak would get them in trouble and perhaps even killed.

Zanzibar Fields was a social minefield.

  1. Roughly Sophisticated
  2. Forthright Secret
  3. Discernible Complexity
  4. Evil Innocence
  5. Rancid Joy
  6. Vulnerable Lust
  7. Bitterly Sweet
  8. Shattered Elegance
  9. Feral Calm
  10. Flawless Stain
  11. Amorous Frigidness
  12. Worthless Rarity
  13. Safety Hazard
  14. Fatal Requisite
  15. Sinless Evil